As You Sow, So Shall You Reap: (Inigo Morgan #1)

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On Resurrecting Juan Eusebio Bonilla Salcedo after 125 years…

Politicians on both sides of the aisle in the US have been calling for massive, sometimes crippling, regulations, fines or even antitrust breakups of the companies. Regulators around the globe have been fining the companies billions of dollars. Apparently all of that is news to Fox News contributor Juan Williams, who has taken to the august pages of The Hill to publish an op-ed calling for a backlash to big tech.

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Still, perhaps Williams has a new argument that is worth considering? I mean, there are legitimate points to be made about competition, privacy and the like. But… nope.

The climate crisis is proof positive that the ruling class is an utter failure — but it will not fall on its own. Can the working class rise to the challenge? Climate-changing pollution reached unprecedented levels in That pollution creates a greenhouse effect that is over 42 percent stronger than it was in , the report added. The study is the work of a scientist from Cornell University in the US who has examined the rapid rise in methane concentrations in the atmosphere since His research suggests that methane from biological sources such as cows and bogs has less carbon relative to carbon denoting the weight of the carbon atom at the centre of the methane molecule than does methane from conventional natural gas and other fossil fuels such as coal.

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A popular reptile often found in pet stores is also one of the most heavily traded wildlife species on the planet — perhaps even more than pangolins. A decision pending later this month could help change that.

The 4-Hour Chef - Timothy Ferriss

Tokay geckos Gekko gecko are colorful, foot-long reptiles native to Southern China through southern and Southeast Asia. The yield on the 2-year Treasury note topped the year rate, a so-called yield curve inversion that has been a precursor to past recessions. Warning signs that the U. The mechanics of wealth building are fairly simple.

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Save more than you spend, invest those savings to generate more money. Lather, rinse, repeat. In fact, I agree with her on many issues. On 8 May a Provisional IRA unit of eight men attacked a police station in the village of Loughgall in county Armagh 15 miles from the Irish border. One man drove a digger with a bomb in its bucket towards the building, half of which was destroyed in the explosion. But British forces had been informed of the time and place of the assault and SAS soldiers waiting in ambush opened fire killing all eight Provisionals and a civilian.

As individuals, our choices make very little difference to the state of the world, often virtually none. Nonetheless, those same choices can have significant effects on ourselves, sometimes profoundly. Ethiopia is a tribal nation, made up of 80 or so different groups, some large some small, some powerful, some not. Large numbers of people, the majority perhaps, identify themselves with their tribe more powerfully than their country, or their region. Tribal affiliation runs deep among all age groups, loyalty is strong, resentment of tribal others can be fierce.

With the political season underway, the question of an effective politics is the subtext of the debates and speeches intended to motivate constituencies and movements. This should read as odd: in the U. But as neoliberalism has crept into every aspect of modern life, elections have become an anti-politics, a way of working against the democratic will.

But this narrative was always highly misleading. As social scientists have documented in recent years see some examples here, here, here, and here , there is little evidence that Trumpeters are economically insecure relative to non-supporters. There is no indication that Trumps supporters are more likely to come from rustbelt areas of the nation that are disproportionately affected by outsourcing. Rather, the story of was one of Democratic demobilization of the working class, not Republican mobilization.

As you sow so shall you reap Story in English - Moral Stories in English - Fairy Tales For Kids

This was most evident in the finding that the Democrats lost 3. He continues to write for any paper that will publish him all sorts of diatribes that will please his voter base. To this arsenal, he now adds Facebook appeals produced at Downing Street. The latest was a promise to make life much harsher for prisoners and to build new prisons to house 10, future criminals. The UK has by far the largest number of women and men incarcerated in Europe.

Why is he doing that? Johnson cannot copy Trump and attack Muslims. He cannot copy Salvini and attack refugees. He cannot copy Kaczynski and copy attack gays. These include items such as petty fraud or providing recreational drugs to, well, politicians like Boris Johnson and Michael Gove in their younger years. When trying to guess which candidate will be strongest against Donald Trump in , you would be equally well-served by a dowsing rod, Ouija board, tea leaves, or deck of tarot cards as you would by the informed judgment of cable news pundits or political reporters.

However, we can say one thing with as much confidence as can be mustered in this fallen world: Bernie Sanders could beat Donald Trump. They have consistently shown Sanders ahead of Trump by about 5 points while former vice president Joe Biden is ahead by about 8 points. Bernie Sanders set off the latest round of outraged denial from elite media this week when he talked to a crowd in New Hampshire about the tax avoidance of Amazon which did not pay any federal income tax last year.

Sanders has fought explicitly and effectively to raise the wages of Amazon workers as well as millions of others. Corporate denial is the name of that media game. Surveillance video shows guards never made some of the checks noted in the log, said the person, who was not authorized to disclose information about the case and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity Tuesday. Epstein, 66, is believed to have killed himself early Saturday at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York, where he was awaiting trial in a sex trafficking case.

The cause of the death has not been announced, but a person familiar with operations at the federal lockup said the financier was discovered in his cell with a bedsheet around his neck. Falsifying log entries can be a federal crime. It took me awhile to get through it, actually. I was reading it at night before I went to sleep.

I had barely started it when I was overcome one morning by dizziness and nausea as I got out of bed. The feeling subsided as the day wore on, but it returned the next morning, and if anything, it was even worse. Within minutes of news about his death in a Manhattan jail cell Saturday morning, theories spread with pestilential vigour.

Was Jeffrey Epstein murdered?

Accepting the premise without qualification, the next question followed: Who did it? How predictably…Russian.

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Now, the court has released a new opinion focusing on the preclusive impact of ITC orders. Based upon this briefing, the panel has withdrawn its original opinion and issued a new one. The new opinion has the same result, but removes the declaration that the ITC order would have no preclusive effect. Biggest bottom line: Non-patent ITC orders are likely to begin having preclusive effect in parallel district court litigation.

This improves the attractiveness of the ITC for enforing trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets against companies importing products into the US. The result then — get a quick win on the merits at the ITC and obtain an exclusion order; then take decision to the district court to collect damages. The decision is a big deal in Ireland as it has reformulated the approach to be adopted by the Irish Courts in the application of the three stage Campus Oil test for the grant or not of a preliminary injunction PI.

Lawyers have told Managing IP that they would not normally recommend that clients opt for the Patent Prosecution Highway when trying to accelerate claims at the USPTO or the EPO — as it is uncertain whether either office would accept claims previously granted…. Patent No. And nothing in the prosecution history was to the contrary.

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Stryker Corp. Posted in News Roundup at am by Dr. The Clementine Music Player is a full-service audio player with all the tools you need to keep track of your audio library. How do you test the Linux Kernel?

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Major Hayden from Red Hat joins us to discuss their efforts to automate Kernel bug hunting. Linux users received some good news today: Phoronix reported that Linux 5. Up until today the newest Linux kernel version supported by the official Reiser4 out-of-tree file-system driver patch was Linux 5. Bringing Reiser4 to the Linux 5. The Linux 5. Given that the main development workflow for most kernel maintainers is with email, I spend a lot of time in my email client.

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  8. For the past few decades I have used mutt , but every once in a while I look around to see if there is anything else out there that might work better. One project that looks promising is aerc which was started by Drew DeVault. I love the tool, and spend more time using that userspace program than any other. Rome has outperformed Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs in their class while offering better power efficiency and way better performance-per-dollar.

    As shown in the launch article, that easily beats the likes of a dual Intel Xeon Platinum and a big improvement as well over the Naples EPYC 2P configuration. I mean, just look at that!

    As You Sow, So Shall You Reap: (Inigo Morgan #1) As You Sow, So Shall You Reap: (Inigo Morgan #1)
    As You Sow, So Shall You Reap: (Inigo Morgan #1) As You Sow, So Shall You Reap: (Inigo Morgan #1)
    As You Sow, So Shall You Reap: (Inigo Morgan #1) As You Sow, So Shall You Reap: (Inigo Morgan #1)
    As You Sow, So Shall You Reap: (Inigo Morgan #1) As You Sow, So Shall You Reap: (Inigo Morgan #1)
    As You Sow, So Shall You Reap: (Inigo Morgan #1) As You Sow, So Shall You Reap: (Inigo Morgan #1)

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