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This poem is an Australian bush ballad, narrated by a city office worker who imagines that Clancy's life as a shearer and drover in the outback would hold far more pleasures than his own. Watch Chelsea Just perform her poem about a time her family's farm was visited by a feral pig shooter whom she nicknamed the Grunter Hunter! In the style of an Australian bush ballad, Chelsea shares her dog's hilarious and unexpected reaction to the unwelcome visitor.

Her performance and description of the Grunter Hunter This is a black-and-white photograph of Andrew Barton 'Banjo' Paterson taken in the late s. Paterson's family lived on the isolated Buckinbah Station in the Monaro until he was five when his father lost his wool clip in a flood and was forced to sell up. When Paterson's uncle died, his family took over the uncle's farm in Illalong, near Yass, close to the main route between Melbourne and Sydney.

Bullock teams, Cobb and Co coaches and drovers were familiar sights to him. He also saw horsemen from the Click here to add this poet to your My Favorite Poets. Because I was raised on the countryside I have always enjoyed his earthy way of rendering poetry.

Twas the horse thief, Andy Regan, that was hunted like a dog. I ain't a timid man at all, I'm just as brave as most,. On the rugged water shed.

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The chorus frogs in the big lagoon. Snowflakes are falling. The emus formed a football team. Oh, Mr Gilhooley he turned up his toes,. To the voters of Glen Innes 'twas O'Sullivan that went,. I left the course, and by my side. The grey gull sat on a floating whale,.

Banjo Paterson's Bush Ballads

Now, shut your mouths, you loafers all,. You come and see me, boys," he said;. Twas the dingo pup to his dam that said,. There's never a stone at the sleeper's head,. Let us cease our idle chatter,. Aye," said the boozer, "I tell you it's true, sir,.

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So you're back from up the country, Mister Lawson, where you went,. We see it each day in the paper,.

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Only a pound," said the auctioneer,. Twas in scientific circles. It's grand to be a squatter. Born of a thoroughbred English race,. There's a dashin' sort of boy. There's a soldier that's been doing of his share. John Gilbert was a bushranger of terrible renown,. Men fight all shapes and sizes as the racing horses run,. Down along the Snakebite River where the overlanders camp,. Oh, the new-chum went to the backblock run,. He ought to be home," said the old man, "without there's something amiss. Here, I'll sit in the midst.

Morgan the drover explained,. In this war we're always moving,. Twas Mulga Bill, from Eaglehawk, that caught the cycling craze;. Oh, Mulligan's bar was the deuce of a place. The boss last night in the hut did say. Let Romanists all at the Confessional kneel,. The new chum's polo pony was the smartest pony yet,. Now listen to me and I'll tell you my views concerning the African war,. The London lights are far abeam. Far from the trouble and toil of town,. You never heard tell of the story? Awake, of Muse, the echoes of a day. The roving breezes come and go. Oh, we started down from Roto when the sheds had all cut out.

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Oh, the weary, weary journey on the trek, day after day,. Out in the grey cheerless chill of the morning light,. The opening of the railway line. It came from the prison this morning,. The boys had come back from the races. They mustered us up with a royal din,. They held a polo meeting at a little country town,. Little bush maiden, wondering-eyed,.

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  • They came of bold and roving stock that would not fixed abide;. To Policeman G. I have gathered these stories afar. So, the bank has bust it's boiler! And in six or seven year. There's some that ride the Robbo style, and bump at every stride;. Where 'ave you been this week or more,. Now this was what Macpherson told.

    Now is the law of the Overland that all in the West obey,. Come all you little rouseabouts and climb upon my knee;. Twas Saltbush Bill, with his traveling sheep, was making his way to town;. The news came down on the Castlereagh, and went to the world at large,.

    Banjo Patersons Bush Ballads Banjo Patersons Bush Ballads
    Banjo Patersons Bush Ballads Banjo Patersons Bush Ballads
    Banjo Patersons Bush Ballads Banjo Patersons Bush Ballads
    Banjo Patersons Bush Ballads Banjo Patersons Bush Ballads
    Banjo Patersons Bush Ballads Banjo Patersons Bush Ballads
    Banjo Patersons Bush Ballads Banjo Patersons Bush Ballads
    Banjo Patersons Bush Ballads Banjo Patersons Bush Ballads

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