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As a ministry we ask men for a three year intentional mentoring commitment, helping them to recognize that it takes six months or more for a fatherless boy to trust that his Mentor Father is there for him. To trust that this man will honor his commitments to the boy, that he cares about him without expectation of return. When a Mentor Father signs his commitment form at the start of the ministry, he is putting his commitment in writing.

While this may seem like a small detail, for a fatherless boy this is a new type of commitment.

Defending Daddy

As the man fulfills his commitment to walk intentionally through life with his Field Buddy, he is helping the boy learn what it means to have a relationship with his Heavenly Father. Through experiences with his Mentor Father, a boy learns what it means to be a Christian man.

He has earned the title of Daddy and then demonstrates how earthly fathers can earn the title as well. Every boy needs a father figure, a man to lead him into adulthood.

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Conversely most successful men leave a legacy and lessons behind, imbedded in the lives of the people they invested in. Where will your legacy be found?

Busiswa, Marc said, has a child with her alleged attacker, whom he named as DJ Kaygee, with a growing wave of calls for him to be arrested and prosecuted. This morning for the first time she was opening up about her abusive baby daddy. At this point I am calling out for help and nobody is responding … so I rush outside while his friend is chasing me.

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Then as I get closer to the security gate, Kaygee grabs a fire extinguisher and starts smashing my car windows and tries to break the door. Finally after calling for help multiple times the security comes out and I ask him to call the police. So they can attempt to shoot me. Somehow they get an exit code and they come for me.

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So I block as many punches and kicks as I can. Finally the cops came and took statements.

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The Citizen is attempting to get comment from the police. DonaldJTrumpJr February 27, At one point both he and his bro Eric both claimed Cohen was desperate to work at the White House and found themselves in a nice conversation with each other.

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Hahahaha Michael Cohen begged to work at the White House and everyone knows it. Did he just perjure himself again? Nailed it. It really was the biggest joke of the entire transition.

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Defending Daddy Defending Daddy
Defending Daddy Defending Daddy
Defending Daddy Defending Daddy
Defending Daddy Defending Daddy
Defending Daddy Defending Daddy
Defending Daddy Defending Daddy

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