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It is later revealed the Chippy, half-newt Chippy, and all of Chippy's supposed ancestors and descendants are in fact the same being. The Mark from the original series who, in the next generation, is the dictator of America, and the chief villain.

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He is in his late eighties during the Next Generation phase, and has newts for limbs. He died at the end of season 6.

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A mermaid introduced in the later part of season 7, she is killed at the end of that season by a WWII sea mine. Which would have then been about years old She has not been brought back to life yet. A rather attractive human-like robot built by an unknown group, she is activated by Sam late in season 7. After leaving in season 8, Six returned for a few cameo appearances in season 9 under the new alias "Caprica", but was destroyed by Carly and Sam when she tried to commit mutiny.

Came back in season 10, and changed her name to Natalie to remain inconspicuous, and made a cameo appearance in season She later became a full-time cast member in seasons 15 and A half-human half Terminator hybrid, first mentioned late is season 7.

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Got struck by lightning and killed towards the end of season 8. A T-X made out of Unobtainium in the season finale of season 7. He got blown up halfway through season 8, when he malfunctioned and attacked Mark and Carly. Brent Butts had a recurring role in season 11 as the malicious class bully , but was stabbed to death by Carly in a controversial two-part episode after a fight between them got out of hand.

Briggs joins the cast in season 12 as the replacement kindergarten teacher. He is the brother of Ms.


Briggs and is practically identical in every single way, except for the fact that he is a man. Briggs disappeared without explanation between seasons 12 and Ube is the baby son of Mark and Nina, a Neel. Originally aborted to become a lab baby, he was broken out by UberMark II, and brought with him to Carly. Ube briefly lived in Carly's belly, but was violently crushed to death by Oz. He was brought back to life as an adult in season 15 and has become a full-time cast member. After Ms. Briggs forced Carly, Benson, Sam, and Mark to tape fellow students being attacked by a rhinoceros , they decided to film stupid stuff.

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They started a webshow, called iCarly. On iCarly, they did stupid things involving their feet to turn pedophiles with fetishes on. These pedophiles would stalk them daily, often disguising themselves as Benson's mother. Carly wants to switch schools after learning that her school was to be invaded by Teletubbies. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

Carly starts her first ever period.

Sam and she go on a quest to find the perfect brand of tampons and learn how to use them. However, they need to get rid of Benson first. The quartet try to break the record for "most annoying webshow. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture of a fish. Carly and Sam, for their science project, attempt to fly using wings created by feathers and wax.

After several hilarious attempts, they surprisingly succeed. Unfortunately, Carly flies too close to the sun and her wings melt. She falls to the earth, but fortunately lands in water and sustains only minor injuries. Sam and Carly make a bet. Whoever kisses the most guys in their school gets five dollars. It was a tie because the only people who would kiss either of them were Benson and Mark, and then only after a payment of a modest fee. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture of a fish building a sculpture. Carly and Benson break into Ms. Briggs' house to film what teachers do when they're not at school.

She catches them and forces them to play her bagpipes on their next webisode.

Meanwhile, Spencer paints a picture. Mark, tired of being a nerd, decides to become ghetto. As expected, he fails, and is little more than a pathetic poser. The gang try to convince Mark that he isn't ghetto, but to no avail. Benson, then decides to become a "real ghetto" person, which he can because he's black , and becomes fully Crunk.

Benson uses his Crunkishness to scare the white back into Mark. Season 1 finale. Carly and Mark discover a ruined dildo-shaped plane in their backyard. Mark and Benson fix it, and fly it around. The plane is discovered to have belonged to the Fuku Empire, an empire of which Carly's Great-Great-Grandmother was the ruler of. Meanwhile, an assassin tries to kill Spencer while he builds a sculpture.

Carly goes to the deep south on her summer vacation. Benson finds he ain't welcome the south for "certain reasons". Benson then decides to build his 4 Dimensional House of Pancakes. During the construction, Benson produces hilarious time paradoxes, most of which are resolved. Spencer is found dead in his bed. The team successfully revive him as a robot , but, when activated, he goes crazy and attacks people.

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Mark looks at the program, and discovers that Sam has screwed it up. They fortunately recreate Spencer as RobotSpencer: a powerful and slightly evil robotic copy of Spencer. Meanwhile, Sam tries to sabotage Mark's room with explosives and a trip wire. Mark walks into his room, and discovers the trip wire that Sam would've used to kill him with. Instead, Mark leaps forward and shoves Sam onto the wire, triggering the explosives and killing her and Carly is annoyed by Neville Papperman: a year old kid who tries to seduce Carly. She covers his face in topenade, and he swears revenge.

Meanwhile, RobotSpencer builds a sculpture. Mark discovers explosives and guns hidden under Carly's bed and confronts her about it.


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Carly tells Mark that she is a weapons dealer, selling items of unimaginable power to terrorists. She tries to knock Mark out, but Benson comes in and knocks her into the weapons. Carly is covered with Plastique: a clay-like plastic explosive, and is stuck in it. Meanwhile, RobotSpencer goes on a date with a known terrorist. Carly, finally free of the Plastique, goes for a walk, when she is attacked and knocked out.

When she wakes up, Carly realizes that she feels nauseous, she feels like she weighs more, and her belly is huge. Carly discovers, through an x-ray, that her attacker shoved 8 mutant baby eels into her womb. Over the 2 hours she was knocked out, the eels have grown to twice normal full size, and are stuck in Carly's belly.

She tries hard, but cannot get them out. Meanwhile, RobotSpencer is arrested.

iWanna Stay! (iCarly) (Chapter Book) IWanna Stay! (iCarly) (Chapter Book)
iWanna Stay! (iCarly) (Chapter Book) IWanna Stay! (iCarly) (Chapter Book)
iWanna Stay! (iCarly) (Chapter Book) IWanna Stay! (iCarly) (Chapter Book)
iWanna Stay! (iCarly) (Chapter Book) IWanna Stay! (iCarly) (Chapter Book)
iWanna Stay! (iCarly) (Chapter Book) IWanna Stay! (iCarly) (Chapter Book)

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