Love, Loyalty and Trust

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However, remember that every time you treat your partner in a way that breaches a basic level of respect, you will damage the connection you have. Plus, it will make it more challenging for your partner to trust you over time Bonior, Additionally, to build trust with your partner, be prepared to give him or her the benefit of the doubt. While the patient may be prepared to have confidence in the new doctor because of her medical qualifications, it is likely that he will feel a lot more comfortable with the doctor with whom he has developed trust.

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It may even be easier for him to hear difficult or surprising medical news from his regular doctor because he will be prepared to give the doctor the benefit of the doubt because of the trust and history they share Bonior, One more way to build trust in a relationship is to express your feelings in a functional, helpful way Bonior, Therefore, in order to build trust, develop ways of discussing difficult feelings that are collaborative and respectful.

Finally, to build trust with your partner in a marriage or relationship, it is important to consider reciprocity Bonior, In other words, be willing to give as well as receive. It is necessary for both partners to feel comfortable with the levels of giving and receiving.

Love, Loyalty and Trust

If you have been lied to or hurt, it can take a very long time to learn to trust again Buckley, n. You might automatically think you should break up with the person who betrayed your trust. When trust has been broken, such as after cheating, and you are trying to rebuild trust, it may not be wise to cast all your doubts aside in one go Bonior, However, if you still hope to rebuild trust, you will need to let some of your doubts go, or suspend them, to give your partner the chance to come through for you Bonior, To rebuild trust, keep in mind that your relationship may look different after cheating, affairs, or other infidelities.

However, it also is possible to build something new, though both partners need to be willing to build a new relationship together Love is Respect, It is important, although difficult, to trust yourself. Learning to trust yourself and your own feelings and reassuring yourself that you will be okay moving forward is the key to any healthy relationship Love is Respect, Perhaps the most important aspect of rebuilding trust after a partner has cheated is to communicate openly Love is Respect, Talk and truly listen to each other.

Both partners should think about what the other needs. Partners should openly share their needs, and consider whether they are willing to meet those needs. For example, maybe you cheated on your partner, but you have both agreed to try and make the relationship work. What do you need to do going forward? To begin with, take responsibility for your actions. Admit to your behavior and assume responsibility for it. Reflect on your actions, and think about what made you decide to cheat Love is Respect, Going forward, keep your promises.

To show that you can be trusted, follow through with what you say you are going to do. Your partner may want some time apart to process what happened, and he or she has every right to feel hurt and angry about your cheating Love is Respect, Give him or her the space to express these feelings to you. Still, keep in mind that your partner has no right to treat you abusively. Despite breaking their trust, you still have the right to your own privacy Love is Respect, However, there is one person we know that we can count on: ourselves.

As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said,. Self-trust is an important concept, as possessing it enables you to protect your own needs and safety Tartakovsky, Self-trust includes having an awareness of your thoughts and feelings and being able to express them Tartakovsky, To gain self-trust, honor your emotions and avoid relying on the opinions of others Fahkry, This allows you to develop trust in your own ability to handle whatever arises. Self-trust is acquired by nurturing our deepest thoughts Fahkry, Self-trust also includes living according to your own standards and ethics and knowing when to put your own needs firsts.

Having self-trust requires knowing that you can endure mistakes.

Self-trust also enables you to pursue what it is that you want. Avoid people who undermine your self-trust.

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Although as children we often cannot control the negative people we have in our lives, as adults, we can certainly consider whether people support us and whether we actually want them in our lives Tartakovsky, Keep promises to yourself. Honor the commitments you make yourself, whether it be pursuing goals you set or following your dreams Fahkry, An important part of this is making promises to yourself and keeping them Tartakovsky, One example of such a commitment is creating and sustaining a personal boundary. Or, go to bed earlier, or visit the doctor for a check-up Tartakovsky, Building self-trust also includes becoming your own best friend.

Speak kindly to yourself. However, you can reduce or eliminate the habit of listening to your inner critic. Try being more kind to yourself. It was just a minor error.

1. It creates security

Self-trust is not about perfection—you must have faith in your own capacity to overcome a slip-up or failure. Self-trust is nurtured through us connecting with our emotional well-being and paying attention to any disturbances we may notice Fahkry, Check in with yourself.

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In other words, be mindful of your inner experiences Fahkry, Self-trust develops when we honor our whole selves, regardless of whether or not we approve of certain aspects of ourselves. The purpose of these exercises and games is to enable participants to discover similarities and differences between the members of the group and to develop empathy and respect.

Create a circle of chairs, and ask group members to sit down. Invite one person to stand in the middle and take the chair away, so there is one fewer chair than there are people in the group. The person in the middle will then share something about himself or herself that other group members may relate to. If other members of the group either agree with the statement or have experienced the same thing, they stand up. Everyone standing including the person in the middle tries to find a seat on the remaining chairs.

Whoever is left standing is the new leader, and gets to make a statement. Put the therapy participants into small groups, and ask them to talk about what they have in common. Encourage them to think of unusual things, as well as the obvious ones.

Such as eye color. Let the group know that they have 15 minutes to come up with as many common facts as they can.

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The group with the most things in common wins the game. Divide participants into groups and explain that they have 15 minutes to build the tallest tower they can, using materials such as 50 to plastic cups, or 10 to 25 pipe-cleaners. Then, ask each group to explain the process they used to build the tower, the challenges that they faced, and what they learned about working together as a trusting team.

Once a safe and trusting environment has been established, this activity can be used to build empathy. Provide the group with a hat, pieces of paper, and writing materials. Each member of the group will then record his or her personal fears anonymously on a piece of paper and place them into the hat. Then, members of the group will draw a piece of paper from the hat and take turns reading them aloud and explaining how they imagine having that fear would feel. After all the fears have been read, discuss how experiencing empathy and having common fears may help teams to build trust. According to Scarlet, respect is one of the most important traits a leader in business can possess.

Leaders cannot earn credibility if they do not show others the respect that they deserve. Furthermore, keep in mind that a leader is not respected due to his or her power; respect results from an honorable use of that power Scarlet, n. To earn credibility, leaders must first show that they are trustworthy.

This cannot be proved through words. Instead, leaders need to put themselves in positions that show their trusting actions so that followers can believe what they see Scarlet, n. To become a credible leader, you need to make your loyalty to the people around you evident. You must also be accountable for your actions. Therefore, if you do make an error, take ownership of the mistake. Fix it if you can. Then, move on. A team will not trust and respect you if you place the blame on them or allow them to bear the burden of your mistakes Scarlet, n. Credible leaders keep their goals in mind and always try to find the best ways to make those goals a reality.

Because loyalty is essential to the most basic things that make life livable. Without loyalty there can be no love. Without loyalty there can be no family. Without loyalty there can be no friendship. Without loyalty there can be no commitment to community or country. And without those things, there can be no society.

Love, Loyalty and Trust Love, Loyalty and Trust
Love, Loyalty and Trust Love, Loyalty and Trust
Love, Loyalty and Trust Love, Loyalty and Trust
Love, Loyalty and Trust Love, Loyalty and Trust
Love, Loyalty and Trust Love, Loyalty and Trust
Love, Loyalty and Trust Love, Loyalty and Trust
Love, Loyalty and Trust Love, Loyalty and Trust
Love, Loyalty and Trust Love, Loyalty and Trust

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