Mehrsprachigkeit & Sprachstörungen - Ein Zusammenhang? (German Edition)

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The texts that follow range from the earliest manifestations of erotic elegy, in Catullus, through Tibullus, Sulpicia Rome's only female elegist , Propertius and Ovid. An accessible commentary explores the historical background, issues of language and style, and the relation of each piece to its author's larger body of work.

The Cambridge Companion to Rabelais. Texts and Violence in the Roman World. A Companion to Roman Love Elegy. The Production of Space in Latin Literature. The School of Rome. Roman Theories of Translation. The Arena of Satire. Roman Literature, Gender and Reception. The Aeneid Mobi Classics. Antiquity and the Meanings of Time. Women and War in Antiquity.

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Imagining the Chorus in Augustan Poetry. Divine Comedy, Norton's Translation, Purgatory.

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The Mountain Poems of Stonehouse. The Closure of Space in Roman Poetics. The Liberation of Jerusalem. The Songs of the South. Roman Literature under Nerva, Trajan and Hadrian. What is a musical performance apart of the sound object created? If we can see darkness, can we hear silence? Is silence absence of sound? What is the potentiality of silence? What is autobiographical authenticity in music? In this article I try to develop a critique of this kind of musical semantics In this article I try to develop a critique of this kind of musical semantics from a narratological point of view, questioning what is widely regarded as its touchstone: Finally I elaborate the cultural narratives connected to the music and their intertextuality we suppress, when we reduce the narrative elements of the music to the one authentic autobiographical narrative behind it.

During the Great War both sides agreed on the special power of music to create a mytholo-gized national community of destiny and to strengthen the fighting spirit of the masses. From the German perspective this war was one between western From the German perspective this war was one between western civilization characterized by capi-talism and industrialization on the one hand and German high culture representing traditional values and the homo hierarchicus on the other.

In the first part of this paper I outline this ide-ological and social background of musical life. In the second part I explore the attitudes of Arnold Schoenberg and Alban Berg toward the Great War and their participation in the clash of civilizations. Because of their deconstructive and subversive nature these piec-es can be read as prophetic not only of the Great War, but also of the further historical catas-trophes of the twentieth century. When asked in interviews about the musicians in history, she most admires, Jennifer Walshe used to name John Cage in first place.

In this context she often quotes a line form Silence: Theatre; because we have eyes as well as Theatre; because we have eyes as well as ears. Finally I will look for the common aspects and the differences between the aesthetics of stock Schopf, Fiona Jane ed. Music on Stage, Newcastle upon Tyne: In meinem Vortrag werde ich versuchen, eine Kontextualisierung ihrer Installation, die aus dem Donau-Projekt hervorgegangen ist, in mehrere Richtungen vorzunehmen.

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Reisen und Grenzen in Zentraleuropa, Wien: An der Grenze zum Klang: On the Edge of Sound: Synaesthesia and Theatricality in Works of Jennifer Walshe This paper first gives a brief discussion of the notion of synaesthesia from a phenomenological point of view drawing on Maurice Merleau-Ponty's concept Differential neurobiological effects of optokinetic stimulation and alertness training. Cortex , 45 7 , Kognitive Modelle in der Neuropsychologie.

Statistische und psychometrische Aspekte in der Neuropsychologie. Rehabilitation of arithmetic fact retrieval via extensive practice: A combined fMRI and behavioural case-study. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation , 19 3 , Mind the gap between both hands: Evidence for internal finger-based number representations in children's mental calculation. Cortex , 44 4 , Basic parameters of spontaneous speech as a sensitive method for measuring change during the course of aphasia.

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Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis Wars. Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis , 68 1 , Long-term outcome of speech and language in children after corrective surgery for cyanotic or acyanotic cardiac defects in infancy. European Journal of Paediatric Neurology , 12 , Semantic processing of crowded stimuli? Psychological Research , 72 6 , Quantitative Analyse anhand linguistischer Basisparameter zur Status- und Verlaufsdiagnostik aphasischer Spontansprache. Bulletin Aphasie und verwandte Gebiete , 23 2 , Spatial representations of numbers in children and their connection with calculation abilities.

Developmental changes in neural activation and psychophysiological interaction patterns of brain regions associated with interference control and time perception.

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Neuroimage , 43 2 , Tracing the ventral stream for auditory speech processing in the temporal lobe by using a combined time series and independent component analysis. All for one but not one for all: How multiple number representations are recruited in one numerical task. Brain Research , , Using parametric regressors to disentangle properties of multi-feature processes. Behavioral and Brain Functions , 4 1 , No. On the cognitive link between space and number: Psychology Science Quarterly , 50 4 , Testing predictions of a connectionist model.

Behavioral and Brain Functions Online Journal , 3. Similar autonomic responsivity in boys with conduct disorder and their fathers. Neuropsychologica , 45 2 , The hands have it: Number representations in adult deaf signers. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education , 12 3 , Analysis of intersubject variability in activation: An application to the incidental episodic retrieval during recognition test.

Treating number transcoding difficulties in a chronic aphasic patient. Aphasiology , 20 1 , From intersubject variability in clinical syndromes to anatomical variability. Epilepsia , 47 8 , The effect of low arousal on visuo-spatial attention.

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Neuropsychologia , 44 8 , Journal of Neurology , 10 , The influence of an external symbol system on number parity representation, or What's odd about 6? A special role for numbers in working memory?

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NeuroImage , 29 1 , On the functional role of human parietal cortex in number processing: How gender mediates the impact of a "virtual lesion" induced by rTMS. Neuropsychologia , 44 12 , Silent microemboli related to diagnostic cerebral angiography: A matter of operator's experience and patient's disease. Neuroradiology , 48 6 , The hyperdense posterior cerebral artery sign.

A computed tomography marker of acute ischemia in the posterior cerebral artery territory. Stroke , 37 2 , Systems level modeling of a neuronal network subserving intrinsic alertness. Grundlagen der Zahlenverarbeitung und des Rechnens. Effects of interhemispheric communication on two-digit Arabic number processing. Cortex , 42 8 , Dynamics of language reorganization after stroke. Brain , 6 , Mathematische Leistungen und Akalkulien. What do semi-illiterate adults know about 2-digit arabic numbers?

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NeuroImage , 29 2 , Systematic interindividual differences or just random error? Subjective experience in brain-injured patients and their close relatives: European Brain Injury Questionnaire studies. Acta Neuropsychologica , 3 , The neural correlate of very-long-term picture priming. European Journal of Neuroscience , 21 4 , Perspectives on number processing: Psychology Science , 47 , The power of the mental number line: Psychology Science , 47 1 , Language effects in magnitude comparison: Small, but not irrelevant.

Brain and Language , 92 3 , On the magnitude representations of two-digit numbers. The association between number magnitude and space is amodal. Experimental Psychology , 52 3 , Prospective demonstration of short-term motor plasticity following acquired central pareses. NeuroImage , 24 4 , A comprehensive software system for neuropsychological experiments. Detection of intracranial aneurysms with multislice CT: Comparison with conventional angiography. Neuroradiology , 46 6 , Do normal D-dimer levels reliably exclude cerebral sinus thrombosis?

Surprisingly, his plan is passed by the board for approval and initial construction begins. Its meaning remains unclear four decades on, and it still resembles its own seamless monolith, "its origin and purpose a total mystery".

Mehrsprachigkeit & Sprachstörungen - Ein Zusammenhang? (German Edition) Mehrsprachigkeit & Sprachstörungen - Ein Zusammenhang? (German Edition)
Mehrsprachigkeit & Sprachstörungen - Ein Zusammenhang? (German Edition) Mehrsprachigkeit & Sprachstörungen - Ein Zusammenhang? (German Edition)
Mehrsprachigkeit & Sprachstörungen - Ein Zusammenhang? (German Edition) Mehrsprachigkeit & Sprachstörungen - Ein Zusammenhang? (German Edition)
Mehrsprachigkeit & Sprachstörungen - Ein Zusammenhang? (German Edition) Mehrsprachigkeit & Sprachstörungen - Ein Zusammenhang? (German Edition)
Mehrsprachigkeit & Sprachstörungen - Ein Zusammenhang? (German Edition) Mehrsprachigkeit & Sprachstörungen - Ein Zusammenhang? (German Edition)
Mehrsprachigkeit & Sprachstörungen - Ein Zusammenhang? (German Edition) Mehrsprachigkeit & Sprachstörungen - Ein Zusammenhang? (German Edition)

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