Mein Leben als Hope Solo (German Edition)

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We will have more information on the date of availability of the international version of Wolfenstein: Youngblood in your region soon. Stay tuned! Originally posted by RED :. Meto83 View Profile View Posts. I hope too we can buy it. Looking forward too.

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Dont forget Austria too please. We speak german too but never had them stupid laws and censorship.

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Still dont understand why there isnt a english version for outside germany. Nephron View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by hualahn :. Originally posted by Nephron :. I would love to preorder this as well Any news about this issue?

I spoke ONLY German to my Mexican girlfriend for 24 HOURS!

When can we pre-order the international version in German Steam Store? Originally posted by Meto83 :. Endlich ohne Tricks wohooo. Benchelor View Profile View Posts. Last edited by Meto83 ; 20 Jul am. A joyful feeling of both Will his presence bring me. Loss And if the flowers knew, the little ones, How deeply wounded my heart is, they would weep with me, to heal my pain.

And if the nightingales knew it, how sad and sick I am, they would joyfully let ring forth reviving song. And if they knew my suffering, the little golden stars, they would come down from the heights and speak comfort to me. All of them could not know it, only One knows my pain, indeed He himself has shredded, shredded my heart. The May Night When the silver moon flashes through the foliage, and its sleepy light streams over the grass, and the nightingale whistles, I wander sadly from bush to bush.

I hold you blissful then, piping nightingale, since your little wife with you lives in one nest, to her singing husband giving a thousand tender kisses. Veiled over with leaves a pair of doves coo their rapture at me, but I turn away, seeking dark shadows, and my lonely tears fall. Yours is my Heart Yours is my heart, My pain is your own, And all the joys that make it burst; Yours is the forest, with all its branches, All the blossoms and songs.

1) Sehnsucht

The best reward I could win For the songs that seized my heart, Is one word to me that they pleased you, Or a silent look, that they touched you. Wanderers Nachtlied Johann W.

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Komm, ach komm in meine Brust! Wanderer's Night Song You who are from heaven, who quiets all sorrow and pain, him, who is doubly wretched, you fill doubly with refreshment. I am weary of striving, what is all the pain and joy for? Sweet peace, sweet peace! Come, ah, come into my breast! Was sagt denn tausendfaches Schmettern Der Nachtigall? Magic Ring What stands upon all hundred petals Of the rose? What does the thousand-fold warbling Of the nightingale say?

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On all the petals lie what is On each: Out of every song wafts what the first one Breathed:. That beauty has inscribed itself In a circle, And even Love does not know How to find another. Therefore the rose encircles itself with A hundred petals, And the nightingale surrounds itself with Thousand-fold songs. Grenser, Dresden , made by Daniel Bangham.

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  • Mein Leben als Hope Solo!
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Engineered and edited by Frank Cunningham. Fortepiano tuning and maintenance by Tim Hamilton. Special thanks to Dr.

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Liane Curtis, Dr. Cover art by Lil McGill.

In memory of Ruth Shimony Montgomery. Pamela Dellal, mezzo-soprano, has enjoyed a distinguished career as an acclaimed soloist and recitalist. Matthew and St. John Passions.

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Known for her work with Renaissance and Baroque chamber music, Ms. With Sequentia Ms. Dellal has made numerous recordings of the music of Hildegard von Bingen. A passionate advocate for contemporary music, she has been a regular guest with the Boston ensembles Dinosaur Annex and Boston Musica Viva, premiering works by Boykan, Brody, Lomon, Wheeler, and others. She has been a regular soloist in the renowned Bach Cantata series presented by Emmanuel Music since , having performed almost all of Bach's sacred cantatas.

Vivian Montgomery, fortepianist, is a prize-winning early keyboardist, praised for her "…exquisite music-making Recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship as well as an Individual Artist Award from the National Endowment for the Arts, Vivian served on the faculty of the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music from to , teaching early keyboards and historical performance. Her performing life encompasses concerto solos, solo recitals, chamber music performances, and vocal accompanying work throughout the United States.

Recordings can be found on the Centaur, Schubert Club and Innova labels. Her work as a conductor has led to engagements directing baroque opera, orchestras, and choirs in Minneapolis, Cleveland, Pennsylvania, and in her current residence, Boston. Reviving Song is the product of numerous intersections and coincidences. As, at the time, a Visiting Scholar, I was committed to work on a variety of projects revolving around the lives and work of women composers, with a special emphasis on their place at the piano, specifically in intimate and domestic settings, more specifically in the early nineteenth century.

Several of the projects were stimulated by the relatively recent arrival in the Brandeis Department of Music of a newly restored Viennese fortepiano. Simultaneously, I had started conversations with Diane Heffner about the rarity of opportunities available in Boston for playing romantic chamber music, such as the clarinet songs of Louis Spohr, on period instruments.

The absence of an ideal fortepiano for this repertoire played a part in this deficit — Schubert and the Mendelssohns hardly made sense on a Mozart-era fortepiano — so the Brandeis instrument brought some much-needed momentum to that pursuit. So there was a concert program and, about 8 months later, in the cold and quiet first days of , a recording. In the intervening months, my mother had declined and then passed away; after decades of being my most ardent advocate and having shown infinite tolerance for my halting progress at the keyboard, the last live performance she was able to attend of mine was at Brandeis, on this instrument.

Also present at the live performance of these works were two other enthusiastic spirits since passed from our realm: my oldest friend Persephone Miel and Brandeis music department chair Mary Ruth Ray, whose warm support of anything involving the Brandeis fortepiano made it easy to persist in the face of numerous logistical and technical obstacles. During —3 he studied with Franz Eck on a journey to St Petersburg, and in , after a highly successful concert tour in Germany, performing his own concertos, he gained the post of Konzertmeister in Gotha, where he married the virtuoso harpist Dorothea Scheidler.

His reputation as violinist and composer was increased by many concert tours with his wife, during which he played his own violin concertos as well as duets for violin and harp. In Spohr moved to Vienna as Konzertmeister at the Theater an der Wien, composing operas as well as his acclaimed Eighth Violin Concerto, in the form of an extended vocal scena, In —17 for a concert tour to Italy, where his cantabile style of playing was greatly relished. On his return he became Kapellmeister at the Frankfurt theatre, and from Spohr was Kapellmeister in Kassel.

In —1 he wrote his Violinschule , which remained a classic violin method into the 20th century, and between and he made five triumphant visits to England, where his oratorios were highly esteemed and where his instrumental music and operatic numbers were regularly given in orchestral concerts. His influence as a composer was much greater than posterity has generally recognized. During the s and 20s many young composers were fascinated especially by his handling of chromatic harmony, and his style was widely imitated, leaving traces in the music of numerous important and less well-known composers.

However, his music failed to evolve stylistically after the early s and he was often charged with mannerism by less sympathetic critics. His posthumous reputation suffered from the artistic politics of the later 19th century. Nevertheless his finest works are among the most significant of their time and remain capable of giving pleasure and evoking admiration.

Dussek and later studying with Antoine Reicha.

Mein Leben als Hope Solo (German Edition) Mein Leben als Hope Solo (German Edition)
Mein Leben als Hope Solo (German Edition) Mein Leben als Hope Solo (German Edition)
Mein Leben als Hope Solo (German Edition) Mein Leben als Hope Solo (German Edition)
Mein Leben als Hope Solo (German Edition) Mein Leben als Hope Solo (German Edition)
Mein Leben als Hope Solo (German Edition) Mein Leben als Hope Solo (German Edition)
Mein Leben als Hope Solo (German Edition) Mein Leben als Hope Solo (German Edition)
Mein Leben als Hope Solo (German Edition) Mein Leben als Hope Solo (German Edition)
Mein Leben als Hope Solo (German Edition) Mein Leben als Hope Solo (German Edition)
Mein Leben als Hope Solo (German Edition)

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