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The US-brokered ceasefire largely held with only sporadic fighting reported through the five days.

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Hours before the end of the truce, a second ceasefire agreement was reached between Turkey and Russia to give the Kurdish fighters another hours to complete their withdrawal from the planned "safe zone", after which Ankara and Moscow would run joint patrols around the area. According to the agreement, the SDF would also pull back from now Syrian-controlled key towns close to the border, such as Manbij and Kobane. The joint patrols aimed to prevent potential clashes between Turkish and allied rebel forces, and the Syrian government forces that moved to Kurdish-controlled areas outside the operation - or the "safe zone" - area.

Sporadic clashes were also reported during the Russia-brokered truce, before Moscow announced that the SDF withdrawal was concluded on October The first joint Russian-Turkish army patrols started on November 1.

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Sinan Ulgen, a political analyst and former Turkish diplomat, said that Turkey achieved its primary goals through the operation, although it wanted to establish a larger "safe zone" before the move. Mensur Akgun, a professor of international relations in Istanbul, agreed that Ankara established its goals through the offensive, without losing much resources. Akgun said that Turkey's operation sparked a diplomatic drive among the actors in Syria, which led to the current outcome.

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Although Turkey presented the outcome of the operation as a diplomatic and military victory, the country came under fire over alleged human rights violations during the operation, particularly because of the actions of allied Syrian rebel forces. The October 31 memo by William V Roebuck, the deputy special envoy to the global coalition to defeat ISIL, criticised the Trump administration for not doing enough to stop Turkey's operation.

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Human rights groups, such as Amnesty International, said last month there was evidence that activities of Syrian rebel fighters amount to "war crimes", and that they killed and injured civilians. Ankara blamed the Kurdish fighters for the incident. Ankara recently said that the YPG forces did not withdraw from all the regions promised in the Russia-Turkey deal, but this did not lead to clashes on the ground.

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Turkey has also announced its intention to send back ISIL prisoners in the new areas it controls in Syria to their home countries. Erdogan also presented a plan to the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres for resettling up to two million Syrian refugees in the areas it controls now.

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