Tainted (Tainted Trilogy Book 1)

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Ram Chandra Series Book 3

She watched him and as he guessed, her mouth and eyes grew wider until she burst into a fit of giggles. She was adorable. The sound had his heart beating so rapidly, he might have an episode, as if he was one of those horrible characters from a bad novel. The dance ended, Daniel took her arm and walked swiftly to the veranda. His hand on her elbow left only his white glove separating skin from touching skin.

The idea of actually feeling her flesh was heady. The cool night air helped to cool his desire. There were a few people lingering on the veranda—ladies getting away from the heat of the crowded ballroom and a few couples hiding behind Greek statues and Roman pillars. Heart-wrenching sorrow filled her eyes and they glistened though no tears fell. She straightened her posture and raised her chin.

This woman held herself as if she was a queen. She spoke for his ears only, but her whisper shook with intensity. I should have told my aunt, but my mother made me promise to try to enjoy the season and not ruin it with such thoughts.

Are you a Leader or One of the Herd – Tainted Reality @AshleyFontainne

Thomas had said her mimicry was amusing, but there was no joke here. Of course, it was ridiculous. She was beautiful, smart, funny and quick-witted.

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He had gleaned all of this in only a short time in her presence. She had the body of a goddess. She would marry and probably well. He was sure she would have offers before the end of the month, if not sooner. His mind screamed at him to apologize and walk away, but his body disobeyed and he followed her into the shadows.

He tugged the glove from his hand and gently caressed the soft skin from her elbow to the cap sleeve of her gown.

He dropped his hand. Once again, the tigress returned, sad, fierce and distant. The tears made her seem even fiercer, somehow making her even more perfect.

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Talking of whom, we learn more about the origin of the five heroes as well as Lyf's history. Lyf also makes a new friend, or rather we make a new friend and Lyf magics up an antagonist. We meet the good in literacy terms as well as temperament Errek the first-king who's rather fun. As is the wonderfully sardonic ex-surgeon Holm whom I also love. When we finally get there, the climax is one of the most exhilarating, scary, suspense filled rides I've had for a long, long time and I speak as someone with a 3-books-a-week reading habit! The climax may seem to finish early with pages left, but we aren't let down as these pages are packed with some left-field surprises.

Before we get there, there's plenty of gore, an evil winged monster, an interesting form of chemical warfare, Rix's ever changing painting and some tears. I never thought I'd cry over someone choosing a direction in which to sit!

Yes, there are lots of things including the feeling that all epic fantasy should be this excellent. Thank you so much for the journey Mr Irvine — we must do it again sometime! Further Reading: I'm going to predictably point you towards the beginning if you haven't been on this journey from the start. If you've read it already, then why not pick something from our Top Ten Fantasy Books of ? Just send us an email and we'll put the best up on the site. Jump to: navigation , search. Personal tools Log in.

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Categories Fiction Non-fiction Children's books Authors. Category: Fantasy. Reviewer: Ani Johnson.

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Summary: The final instalment of the Tainted Realm trilogy not only echoes the excitement of the previous two books but surpasses it. A breath-taking 7-out-of-5 for entertainment and a journey I didn't want to end.

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  8. Tainted (Tainted Trilogy Book 1)
    Tainted (Tainted Trilogy Book 1)
    Tainted (Tainted Trilogy Book 1)
    Tainted (Tainted Trilogy Book 1)
    Tainted (Tainted Trilogy Book 1)

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