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Berserkus furorque berserkicus. PhD diss. Uppsala, 18 June Uppsala: Werner, Schmeidler, Bernhard, ed. First, there are the criticisms directed against the art itself: "If it has made impossible things, it has made a mistake. The pursuit of Hector is an example.

If, however, it was either more, or not less, possible for the end to exist even in accordance with the art about these things, then it has not rightly made a mistake. For it ought, if it is possible, generally to be without any mistakes. Further, to which of the [30] two does the mistake belong?

Is it according to art or according to something else accidental? For it is less if he did not know that a female deer does not have horns than if he depicted non-imitatively. Jump to: navigation , search. Because of the weight of this tradition and the obvious concern of the book with poetry and especially tragedy, we have retained this translation.

However it should be kept in mind that poiein is a very common verb in Greek, and that in principle the art dealing with it could have as much to do with making or action as with poetry in the narrower sense. Where an ambiguity of meaning seems possibly intentional, the Greek verb will be placed in brackets after the translation.

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Virtually every occurrence in the translation of any form of the verb "to make" is a rendering of the Greek poiein , and all appearances of English words cognate with "poet" are translations of words cognate with poiein. At a Aristotle indicates that imitation comes to be not only by art but also by habit. In Plato it is used for "form" or "idea. Eidos is regularly translated as "kind. Its cognate and almost synonym, idea , will be translated as "form. See footnote 1 above.

In its adjectival form, kalon , it means both beautiful and noble. We will translate it by both; sometimes together, sometimes, where the context demands, we will choose one or the other.

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Wherever another word is translated by "noble," the Greek term will follow the translation in brackets; "beautiful" will always translate kalon. The opposite of kalon , aischron , means both shameful and ugly; it will be translated similarly either by the conjunction of the two terms or as context demands by one or the other. Aristotle discusses the difference between the two terms in The Parts of Animals , which might be translated more accurately as The Proper Parts of Animals.

Of the approximately occurrences of the term in Aristotle, some 80 are in On Poetics. Sophron wrote male and female mimes. It also means law or custom.

Transa poética (Spanish Edition) Transa poética (Spanish Edition)
Transa poética (Spanish Edition) Transa poética (Spanish Edition)
Transa poética (Spanish Edition) Transa poética (Spanish Edition)
Transa poética (Spanish Edition) Transa poética (Spanish Edition)
Transa poética (Spanish Edition) Transa poética (Spanish Edition)
Transa poética (Spanish Edition) Transa poética (Spanish Edition)
Transa poética (Spanish Edition) Transa poética (Spanish Edition)

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