Un italiano rebelde (Miniserie Jazmín) (Spanish Edition)

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About this Item: D. Tapa dura. Condition: Bien. Materia: Libro antiguo del Siglo de Oro con las obras de Quevedo. Vol I: [4] p. Vol II: [4], p. Vol III: [16], , [4] p. Vol IV:[16], p. V: [4], , [2] p. VI: [4], p.

Notas: Las h. Maella delin.

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En Madrid por Joachin Ballester sculp. Seller Inventory L More information about this seller Contact this seller Materia: Libro antiguo de derecho, Cortes de Aragon. Observantiae: 2 hojas, 50 folios, 14 hojas. Fori: 53 folios, 1 hoja. Cintas de seda para cierre, Nervios y decoraciones doradas en lomo, hierros y decoraciones doradas en plano y contraplano.

Buen estado, restos de hum. Buen ejemplar. Las Observancias estaba compilada desde mediados del siglo XV. En , las Cortes acuerdan reunir en un solo volumen los usos, observancias y actos de Cortes del reino que de manera selectiva se plasman en esta texto para ser referencia inalterable en los pleitos. Revisado completo. Palau: ASS1. Published by Rivadeneyra, Madrid About this Item: Rivadeneyra, Madrid, Sello en seco del Cuerpo de Estado Mayor. RBSS1 Formato: 51 x 71 cm. Published by Imprimerie Georges Petit, Paris Materia: Antigua revista francesa de arte con grabados de finales del siglo XIX.

Published by Henrichum Petri, Basilea About this Item: Henrichum Petri, Basilea, Materia: Manual de agricultura editado en el siglo XVI. Edad Media. Pietro Crescenzi o Pier Crescenzi ca. Materia: Libro antiguo del siglo XIX.

Published by Libraire de l'Art, Paris Nonetheless, important progress has been made in recent decades, including the documentation of calendrical notations, the year-bearer system, as well as identifying toponyms, titles and a selection of personal names. In this paper the possible language candidates are considered, the general features of the writing system are outlined, and summaries of the most recent findings are provided.


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The presentation will discuss the controversial relationship of writing at Teotihuacan to the system employed by the Aztecs and their neighbours in the 16th century. Following an overview of the evidence, the nature and classification of both systems will be reviewed in the light of recent advances in the comparative study of writing as a worldwide phenomenon. Deciphering the Mixtec writing 2 system: State of the art and perspectives.

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An appropriate examination of the Mixtec writing 2 system using an adequate terminology that respects current insights into the theory of writing2 systems in general and Mesoamerican writing 2 systems in particular is way overdue: Even some deciphering proposals for certain place signs have been provided in the last decades, the only decipherings widely accepted as being correct are those that were already proposed by M.

Smith In this contribution I would like to demonstrate that a fresh look at the system including the above mentioned demand for an adequate terminology can result in unforeseen and astonishing insights, from which I want to present the the by far most impressive case of multiple phonographic indication yet discovered. The computer-aided investigation of Maya writing in the project "Text Database and Dictionary of Classic Mayan" faces numerous challenges, such as uncertain deciphering or only partially readable text passages.

This requires models that allow a formalised description and relate information to each other. Ontologies and domain-specific data models are essential for the uniform documentation of the knowledge about text carriers. Within the Digital Humanities, the TEI guidelines have developed into a standard for encoding content as well as structural, material, and linguistic features of texts. Based on this standard, we distinguish between the categories of form, content, and linguistic analysis: the description of the layout on the medium is independent of the linguistic content. In order to make the text machine-readable, each hieroglyph must be clearly described and referenced.

Our digital sign catalogue is the first system to provide a taxonomic description of grapheme variants. This separates the meaningful sign from its graphic realisation, which enables a first classification of Maya hieroglyphs according to linguistic function. Due to the dynamics of decipherment, transliterations can hardly serve as a basis for text markup.

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Therefore, the sign catalogue serves as a basis for the generation of the text in the TEI-coded corpus, whereby the concept of stand-off markup is used: each encoded sign is provided with a URI reference to the sign in the sign catalogue. For the linguistic analysis, the contextually appropriate transliteration can be queried via the URI and made available for the analytical process of transliteration, transcription and morphosyntactic glossing. The possibility of creating parallel analysis paths that can be traced back to the corresponding reference at any time is an ideal prerequisite for carrying out grammatical determinations and investigations.

The study of the Maya writing and the modern Maya: unexpected implications and questions for today and the future. The modern Maya have been particularly involved in the study of ancient Maya writing. For them, the possibility of establishing a connection between themselves and their ancestors is of uttermost importance. The knowledge of the past is fundamental in the construction of the modern Maya identity, connecting the pre-Columbian past and our time, artificially separated by colonialism and discrimination. Modern production of texts using the ancient writing is reviewed, to show the political and cultural importance of this phenomenon, especially in Guatemala and Mexico, including the discussion of the unexpected real-world effects research can have on issues like identity.

Este conocimiento refuerza la identidad. The panel is dedicated to native historiographers of colonial Ibero-America and their innovative, transcultural endeavors that combined indigenous traditions of knowledge transmission with future-oriented political and cultural ambitions, shaped by their experiences under colonial regimes. European ideas of authorship, temporal scapes, dynastic and collective historiography changed the historical perspectives of native scribes. Navarrete, entre cosmovisiones diferentes.

Das mexikanische Schrifttum zwischen und Genealogische Dokumente beinhalten elementare juristische und modische Details. The historiographic work is devided into eight chapters called Relaciones , each dealing with the history of indigenous peoples in this region before European invasion.

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Spanish colonisation in the Americas affected most aspects of indigenous life, including temporal conceptions. The destruction of pre-Hispanic calendars, while introducing Christian chronologies, meant a violent upheaval in Nahua transmissions of time and history. Nonetheless Nahua scholars and communities continued to uphold their traditional beliefs and cosmologies. While ostensibly following a Judeo-Christian, linear time frame, the Acolhua chronicler inserted subtle references to cyclical Nahua time conceptions in his work.

This transculturality serves to make the Spanish conquest conform to indigenous worldviews. Besides it reveals implicit criticism of the colonial order and illustrates the adaptability and vitality of Nahua cultures. Mainly two aspects of indigenous historiography in colonial Peru have been analyzed: indigenous historical genre and historical record. Unfortunately, the category of time has been less examined and its construction and perception shape the comprehension of the past. They form part of a material colonial archive and a collective memory that developed particular representational forms to express Andean ideas of time and space.

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Meaning and function of native historiography for the negotiation of collective imaginaries of time and future becomes evident within the scope of the written record and also beyond it. While slavery is commonly regarded as a modern phenomenon in the Americas, we analyze forms of dependencies in pre-Columbian and colonial societies and, what kind of economic and social significance they had for the respective society.

Regarding the fluid transition between complete and temporary slavery, we explore its exact meaning physically and temporally and if it is comparable to the forms of slavery in other premodern societies.

Un italiano rebelde (Miniserie Jazmín) (Spanish Edition) Un italiano rebelde (Miniserie Jazmín) (Spanish Edition)
Un italiano rebelde (Miniserie Jazmín) (Spanish Edition) Un italiano rebelde (Miniserie Jazmín) (Spanish Edition)
Un italiano rebelde (Miniserie Jazmín) (Spanish Edition) Un italiano rebelde (Miniserie Jazmín) (Spanish Edition)
Un italiano rebelde (Miniserie Jazmín) (Spanish Edition) Un italiano rebelde (Miniserie Jazmín) (Spanish Edition)
Un italiano rebelde (Miniserie Jazmín) (Spanish Edition) Un italiano rebelde (Miniserie Jazmín) (Spanish Edition)
Un italiano rebelde (Miniserie Jazmín) (Spanish Edition) Un italiano rebelde (Miniserie Jazmín) (Spanish Edition)
Un italiano rebelde (Miniserie Jazmín) (Spanish Edition) Un italiano rebelde (Miniserie Jazmín) (Spanish Edition)

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