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Vampire RN. Meknès 1956. Collection Peter.

I get bored. Marisol Adamaris has a good point.

Why did you choose to reveal this story now? This event occurred in Just wondering..

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Isn't learning, knowledge and growth, as well as the sharing of non-personal information what this website is all about? I'm here to learn more of what happened to me. Obvisouly you have a problem with expressing of one's mind. I looked back at my posts and I certainly did not do absolutely anything abusive or wrong. It is a scientifically known fact that stronger minds, are more immune to hypnosis than the minds of other people. I posted my story for feedback, on what it could have been and if other people underwent a similar experience.

I have given feedback. What you have told us, is also relaying what someone privately told you. I have known people that have not kept private information. It is not pleasant.

I have no problem with people expressing their mind, as I express back my own thoughts. Yes, because stronger minds are more hard headed and less susceptible to persuasion. Those who are soft and malleable, as they are easier to persuade, are weaker in their mind set. I just finished watching the Beyond Belief:Fact or Fiction episode about the vampire story that Marisol is referring to.

When they stated the story was a fact I was shocked, as that was the one story that I believed was fiction. According to what was just shown, there was an armed security station by the elevator on the floor and the "Vampire" did in fact pick up and throw the police officer against a wall rendering him unconscious with no trouble.

The show also stated that the "Vampire" did injure another hospital employee by biting him in the throat, but they didn't say if he died or not. Also, after the "Vampire" threw the police officer against the wall he jumped through a closed glass window from the 6th floor and he was never found.

There was no mention of the police officer shooting the "Vampire". Also, when the nurse checked in the "Vampire's" bathroom to see why the old man had been in there, she found dozens of discarded, empty blood plasma bags. This story has sure got me thinking that things may be quite different than what I've always believed.


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The show also stated that these events happened at an east coast hospital, but they didn't say where specifically on the east coast. Because it is being discussed here, can I assume that this happened in New York state? Can anyone here direct me to an online resource for this particular story? I'd really appreciate the help. Hi guys, It's been a long time since I've seen the video. I'm going to try to get a copy of it.

I found out that it happened in New York after reading a book about real vampire cases probably like in the early 90's. The fact that it happened in New York probably caused me to remember this case more than the others. I also read that it happened in New York, but the City that it happened it was never released. I never heard of a video which claimed that this story never happened.

In fact the "beyond belief: fact of fiction" had it as a real story. Other things that were in the story and not in the video was something about the nurse either retiring or leaving her job.

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It would be kinda cool to be able to post links to videos here. This way we could avoid confusion. I loved that show Beyond Belief Fact or Fiction. I wish it was still on. Ummm ok 1st of all I live in New York City I admit the " vampire counter-culture " was at its peak around the time you claim your incident happened, however we also have some of the finest and lax in security mental institutions in the world, I believe your so called memory loss has more to do with the ingestion of fermented yeast-based beverages than anything else. Every wanna-be goth and pre-emo kid claimed to be a " vampire " back then which, of course, as we all know has led to the explosion in the " hot topic " chain of stores and also accounts for the popularity of Depeche Mode.

My guess is he saw a gullible and impressionable person and used it to " have his fun " in other words he was more interested in giving rather than receiving certain bodily fluids Also, your IQ is not in the range. This is obvious by your average writing skills. Don't claim to be elite when your not, nothing irritates ppl more, especially ppl that truly do have that IQ level.

Gosh that annoys the hell out of me. Who just writes that? Better throw out how smart I am to everyone, by the way I'll make my IQ that if the top. I'm really interested in this kind of stuff. I'm part beleiver So I'm doing research about this topic. I was not into vampire culture in the least, and I was definitely not drinking "beer". I was a disabled veteran who was at the time working full time and pulling 16 credits. Also I was not an impressionable young person.

I had been previously involved in overseas military stuff that was never released to the public. As you can see, with my background it was very hard for me to accept the supernatural. This was Also hard to understand because I am and have always been a very level headed person. I had to come to terms with what happened and try to come up with possible reasons for what looked like hypnosis. I even tried getting myself hypnotized and it couldn't be done because I was told I was too mentally strong.

That experience that I had was a real eye opener. Maybe we were soulmates in a previous life, who knows? I also looked up the episode of Beyond belief: fact or fiction that has the vampire story in it. It's season 3, episode I will try to get a copy. Ya'll think Vampires are real cause of Twilight and Newmoon and Eclipse. They used too b real but none exist anymore Including Edward Cullen :.

Do you really think this started with Twilight? You should know that people have been fascinated with Vampires, claimed to be Vampires, etc since long long before Twilight came out and even long before you were born. It is not a new thing by any means. Hi Marisol, your story is intriguing. I know that these were private conversations that you had with this person. How did you meet him?

Was it in the evening? Was there anything that you talked about that stood out? What was it that creeped you out about him other than the obvious? I'm just very curious as you spent quite a bit of time getting to know this person. Scariest and most interesting story i have ever seen and read about. Such an interesting episode and really gets the mind going.. Hi Marisol, i believe your story. Marisol said All his words are true.

You don't need to feel doubt about it.

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Maybe you should check or investigate about the history of crusades. They aired that segment today about about the vampire and the nurse and at the end of the show the host stated that the story was fact which means true not fiction which means not true which means if he stated this story was fact it did happen and I have seen this segment of fact or fiction like 3 times already and it did happen. Excuse me, but how can we be so sure that your not just hunting for vampires but publicity as well? You would not bealive the things I have seen online and I have to say that I hate nothing more than publicity based on lies.

Even if all this is true, how can we that havn't seen it be sure? That's the magic of scaming the clueless.

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Just as you said, Marisol, "show me the proof! Your mind like the average person in america is unable to expand to encompass the truth of reality so you still live in your own widdlw world. You cannot prove he is out after publicity either so theres that, wake up and you can find out. I remember seeing that beyond belief fact or fiction when I was about Honestly it made me afraid to sleep at night for about a week. I guess that's being 10 for ya. As far as that event of your life it was very interesting to read.

Also to all those who are looking for the "proof" if you want it so bad find it yourself. Any decent person can tell there is no real publicity to gain in a post like this. This is but a individual sharing a event in life.

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Vampire, RN Vampire, RN
Vampire, RN Vampire, RN
Vampire, RN Vampire, RN
Vampire, RN Vampire, RN
Vampire, RN Vampire, RN
Vampire, RN Vampire, RN
Vampire, RN Vampire, RN
Vampire, RN Vampire, RN

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